Choose one of the following "Think Different" people.
Thomas Edison, Joan Baez, Buzz Aldrin, Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso, Jackie Robinson, Alfred Hitchcock, Ameila Earhart, Martin Luther King, Martha Graham, Jane Goodall, Abert Einstein, Jackie Robinson, etc.
To begin your "Think Different" Project you need to research your person. Your research Must include the following sources:
1. One (1)newspaper article - NY Times, LA Times etc., use as a source for journal article.

2. One (1) electronic biographical resource, use as a source for the Biography data base.

3. One (1) Electronic Encyclopedia, use Grolier Online.

4 & 5. Two (2) Internet resources.

iconn.png Connecticut's On-line Digital Library

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 9.42.56 AM.png Grolier On-line Encyclopedia

Refer to the scoring for help. As you begin your research remember that you must cite your research text and any graphics that you use in your PowerPoint presentation.

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