To begin your "Think Different" Project choose a person who has a unique and positive influence on our society..
Some examples of people up may want to consider: Thomas Edison, Joan Baez, Buzz Aldrin, Maria Callas, Jackie Robinson, Alfred Hitchcock, Ameila Earhart, Martin Luther King, Martha Graham, etc.

Overview of the assignment.

To begin your research project check out this site to begin Writing your research paper.
  1. Write a focus sentence to help you to choose the important information to look for in the research process. Use this sample to help you get started.
  2. Research the person you choose.
  3. Evaluate your web sources
  4. Complete a properly formatted "Works Cited" page, use the guidelines from the Cite the Sites project.
  5. Create an outline using Inspiration. Click here to download the template.

    1. Create an outline in Inspiration and copy it into MyAccess for editing.
  1. Write your paper in MyAccess using the assigned prompt. Use MyAccess to take the paper from the outline stage to the rough draft stage to a final draft.
  2. Transfer the completed paper to Google Docs, format and print. Sample papers available here. research paper
  3. Create a Google Slide presentation .
  4. Present your Google Slide presentation to your classmates.